Featured image of article: Eyes on Owls visits DCS

Mark and Marcia Wilson came to DCS to introduce our students to different types of owls. From the small Saw Whet and Screech Owls, to the Snowy and Great Horned Owls. Students flapped their own wings with excitement! Thanks to our wonderful PTO for supporting this amazing experience!

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Featured image of article: DCS Hopes and Dreams Flags

With the help of Mark Ragonese and Jeannie Connolly, students at DCS dyed and stamped flags. Our hopes and dreams will be written on the flags. These will then be attached to an outdoor structure and we will see our flags flying in the wind.

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Featured image of article: DCS students created works of art

With the help of Art Teacher, Andy Shultz, DCS students celebrated our school motto of “DCS Cares….for ourselves, each other, out school and community,” by creating beautiful heart shaped collages. Each student designed and colored one piece of the heart. Four pieces needed to be put together to form the whole heart. This opportunity also allowed our students to connect as a community as they worked to decorate our walls with signs of caring!

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Featured image of article: DCS’ Dinosaur Park

Mr. Dave DeWitt, retired engineer and resident of Dublin, created a 3D Dinosuar Park for DCS! He presented the park to DCS students and shared his wealth of knowledge about engineering and dinosaurs. Students loved it and cannot wait to have time exploring the park including indentifying each dinosaur by name and sound.

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