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DCS Students and their siblings are enjoying the readings recorded by the Library Media Specialist. He was sure to observe the copyright laws.

Each year, staff at DCS seek activities to depict our school motto of DCS Cares. This year, Art Teacher Andy Shultz, took this project on. Using art work created by the students, this school wide project, inspired by DCS teacher Deb Lang, came to life!

The morning before the Winter Break was spent with students moving through crafting rotations. Staff, and PTO put together 12 activities for the students. Students choose how they want to move through the rotations and they are able to make ornaments, cards, wreaths, and many other items. Students love the opportunity to make things for others.

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DCS Harvest Supper and Open House


on Friday, Oct. 18th bought students and their families to DCS to enjoy supper together.  Each classroom contributed to this event; Kindergartners made applesauce, Grades 1 and 2 made decorations, and Grades 3 and 4 made soups and rolls.  PTO coordinated additional potluck donations.  Families savored the time by eating together and engaging in conversation before going back to their classrooms.  A wonderful evening!