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Sept 2017 Update

What a beautiful week to be outside in the garden! Cornucopia teachers Lauren Judd and Cathy Joly were excited to see the students again, and to see how the garden has grown since the spring.

The kindergarten and first grade students explored the garden using their five senses and discovered lots of sights,


It has been a wild month filled with caterpillars, chrysalises, and butterflies!  We collected a whopping 36 monarch caterpillars, fed them milkweed, watched them grow,  finally crawl into the classic J formation and transform into chrysalises.  

The 4th graders at DCS are in charge of raising and lowering the American Flag each day.  As each year begins, students learn how to properly handle the flag.  It is a wonderful opportunity to practice respect and the students take this job very seriously.

Thank you to the Town of Dublin for our new sidewalk!


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