On Sunday, September 24th at 8am, 7 current DCS students and 3 former DCS students gathered in Keene to run the final leg of the DeMar marathon.  These students logged 25 miles over the summer and completed the last 1.2 miles together with other children from Kindergarten to Grade 5 from many area schools. The Keene Rotary coordinates this event which includes a half and full marathon for adult runners. 

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It has been a wild month filled with caterpillars, chrysalises, and butterflies!  We collected a whopping 36 monarch caterpillars, fed them milkweed, watched them grow,  finally crawl into the classic J formation and transform into chrysalises.  

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Sept 2017 Update

The weather can’t seem to decide whether it’s fall or summer, but so far we haven’t had a frost. Cornucopia teachers Lauren and Cathy returned on a beautiful blue-sky day to spend another fun day with the students in the garden!

The kindergarten, first, and second grades students explored the garden to find all kinds of seeds: huge pink and purple speckled scarlet runner beans,

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