Despite a four day week, and a 2 hour delay, DCS students were able to learn dances to “Bee Amazing!”  Thanks to the instruction of NHDI’s Jeannine Edmunds!  It was an awesome show!

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Featured image of article: Harvest Supper and Open House

A few years ago, DCS decided to wait to hold our Open House until October to coincide with the annual harvest of the gardens with the help of the Cornucopia Project.

This community effort has resulted in all classrooms participating in the preparation for the supper including soups, table settings, and applesauce.

It is a tremendous effort and is much appreciated by our families with 32 out of 34 families in attendance. 

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Featured image of article: Cornucopia Fall 2018

Oct 16th
This week we had fun exploring all things garlic! We ate plenty of roasted garlic and talked about some amazing things garlic can do for us in addition to being delicious. Students made their own garlic tapenade and learned about why garlic is considered to be a vampire repellent. Read More: Cornucopia Fall 2018