Cornucopia Spring 2018

May 9th
I hope that you all felt the love on Teacher Appreciation Day! Thank you for your amazing work at DCS. I love having the chance to witness what you create at your school.
We had excellent gardening weather again this week. We hit the soil running, planting a variety of lettuces, kale, beets, and carrots. Our pea shoots have come up as well as radishes and some asian greens. We prepared our bean teepee for planting and Kindergarten-Grade 1 collected morning glory seeds, which had dried in place from last fall, for replanting. Our third and fourth graders learned about the Beaufort scale as a means of predicting wind-speed without the use of sophisticated weather equipment. Second graders explored the garden while identifying habitats and how they sustain their inhabitants. They recorded their observations with drawings for their Garden Journals. The kindergarten and first grade class learned about the lifecycle of plants using watercolor paintings to organize life-stage images into a timeline. Next, they connected them into a circle and figured out how a vegetable plant, at the end of it’s life, can become a new plant again.


We had a gorgeous day of gardening this week! Thanks to the focused efforts of all of the students at DCS, we had great success with getting the garden beds cleaned up and amended.

The Kindergarten/first grade class went beyond our expectations in classifying living and non-living things with our “Sheep, Sunflowers, shoes” game. This clever bunch further classified our playing cards into sub-categories including large mammals, amphibians and reptiles, flowering plants, and more. They also planted sunflower seeds to take care of in their classroom.

The second grade started their bean growth experiment. Students in grade two chose a variable from “what a plant needs to grow”, to remove from their seed, and wrote a hypothesis. They will be checking in on their plants over the next four weeks and charting their development.  In the garden, some of our second graders were visited by a snake who is living in one of the beds.

Our third and fourth graders took on the brunt of the gardening labor, turning nutrient-dense compost into the beds and mulching them. They also checked in on our three compost bins and stirred them.

So far we have planted radishes, lettuce, and spinach. Everyone had the opportunity to eat fresh greens from the grow-cart, which grew beautifully over the vacation break. We sampled sprouts from sweet peas, lentils, micro-greens, and adzuki beans. We are looking forward to five more weeks of gardening joy!

Cornucopia Teacher, Lauren Judd returned to DCS this week to kick off another season in the School Garden! This Spring she is accompanied by two interns from the UNH Cooperative Extension program for Master Garden Certification, Mary Johnson and Paula Sennett.
We had a snowy, cold morning, making for a typical New Hampshire start to Spring Gardening. We made the best of the weather and had a ton of fun getting our hands covered in potting soil. All grades planted an abundance of seeds into trays for our grow-cart, which you can view in the lobby.  The students are growing micro-greens, lentil sprouts, adzuki bean sprouts, and sugar pea shoots for early eating when we return from April vacation.
The kindergarten and first grade class learned a new song and dance to celebrate seed planting. Our second, third, and fourth graders studied seed packets to figure out specific seeding requirements of various plants. Our third and fourth graders talked about how we can extend the growing season where we live by utilizing enclosures and cold-hearty varieties of vegetable plants. We are looking forward to seeing how our seeds have grown when we return in two weeks, and hope to have plenty of fresh sprouts to snack on. Happy Spring!