Cornucopia Fall 2018

Sept. 16th
 We had a fun, wet first day back in the garden. The students found the garden overflowing with produce and every square inch filled with plant life. The Kindergarten class used their five senses to experience the garden through a sensory scavenger hunt, touching rough squash leaves, smelling calendula petals, tasting herbs, and hearing the rain smack the garden. Jumping right into this season’s theme of Field Investigation, Grades 1 and 2 searched for evidence of garden care and developed scientific drawings of plant parts. Third graders also explored the garden with a focus on their five senses while creating descriptive phrases to illustrate their experiences. They documented their impressions and collectively created a poem to capture it. Our fresh snack was lemon cucumber slices, kale, tomatoes, basil, and chives.We also crunched on sweet green beans from the teepee. Here is the poem by the Third Grade:
Our Nutritious Garden
The towering violet morning glories,
Oh my! Numerous purple petals.
The mushrooms have a weird, unexpected texture.
Lemon cucumbers are as spikey as a porcupine.
The dill smells sour,
Spicy mustard greens.
The nasturtiums are the warm bright colors of the sun!
They taste spicy like garlic.
Kale, as good as candy.