Cornucopia Project

October 2017

Cornucopia teachers Lauren Judd and Cathy Joly returned for yet another beautiful fall day! Amazingly, the garden avoided the recent frosts, so the gorgeous morning glories and nasturtiums continued to blossom with abandon.

The Kindergarten and first graders organized picture cards to show the cycle of how our food is grown and how it reaches our table, then they listened to a story about a farm through the seasons of the year. They snacked on kale and ground cherries and fresh pea shoots, then they harvested the beets from the garden.

The second grade students brainstormed everything we get from the garden in addition to food; the list included flowers and compost, butterflies and bugs, exercise and muscles, and fresh air and happiness. All great reasons to have a garden! Then they scouted for snacks in the garden, and harvested the leeks and put another bed to rest for the winter.

The third grade students studied a variety of scientific drawings, then headed into the garden to select a plant and draw their own. Afterwards they swapped journals with a classmate and tried to find the plant their classmate chose; in the process, they discovered why detailed drawings are so important! The fourth grade students gathered around the farthest garden bed to observe what was happening — the plants were stunted, there was too much shade, and the nearby trees’ roots were likely growing into the bed. Then they determined possible new locations for the bed, and they are developing proposals for two locations. After all of that, the third and fourth graders harvested the brussels sprouts for the upcoming dinner; there were aphids on them again this year, but at least not as many as last year!


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