Cornucopia Project

Sept 2017 Update

The weather can’t seem to decide whether it’s fall or summer, but so far we haven’t had a frost. Cornucopia teachers Lauren and Cathy returned on a beautiful blue-sky day to spend another fun day with the students in the garden!

The kindergarten, first, and second grades students explored the garden to find all kinds of seeds: huge pink and purple speckled scarlet runner beans, soft and silky milkweed seeds, spiky calendula seeds, tiny lettuce seeds, flat dill seeds, round cilantro seeds, purple sunflower seeds, and marigold seeds that looked like porcupine quills! Then they helped water the garden since we are in the midst of a long dry spell.

The third and fourth graders delved into the world of edible plant parts, examining a variety of pantry and refrigerated foods to determine which plant parts they were made of. They discovered that the majority of the foods came from seeds, and fruits came in a distant second. When thinking about their own diets, many students agreed that seeds were plentiful in their diet, but a few students said that fruit and greens were more plentiful than seeds. We talked about why this is true, and also how we might be able to eat locally throughout the year.

Everyone snacked on the colorful potatoes that they harvested last week, and anything else they could find in the garden – green beans, ground cherries, tomatoes, kale – the garden is starting to wind down for the year, but there’s still plenty to eat!

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